About the Signature Application




If you are an authorized staff or faculty member at the University of Oregon, and you would like more information about the UO Forms Signature application, you can contact Joseph Muennich or Jody Bleisch via email or Teams.


The purpose of this project is to improve the efficiency, ease of use, security, and accessibility of our document submission, approval, revision, annotation, processing, reference, and sharing methods.
Premise: A successful transition to online form submission and processing will provide benefits in all these areas in comparison to the existing PDF/paper form method with a side effect of reducing paper use.


Improved Efficiency

  1. Instant and simultaneous routing
  2. Data can be automatically validated as it is entered

Improved Ease of Use

  1. Data can be edited directly, no ink amendments
  2. Eliminate the need to print and scan documents
  3. Maintaining a single active version of the document allows revisions to propagate to all document and report consumers instantly.
  4. Consistency of presentation and workflow simplifies training.

Improved Security

  1. Improved signature authentication for UO affiliated accounts (using Duck ID and password to authenticate).
  2. Access to revise or annotate the document limited to accounts receiving signature or processing requests.

Improved Accessibility

  1. Shared access from anywhere online
  2. Form data available for reporting (online, feed, export to doc, xls, txt)
  3. Form data available for post processing (export to xls, xml, csv)
  4. No client software (Adobe, Word, Excel etc.) required other than browser
  5. Clearer form presentation:
  • Enforcement of required and optional fields
  • Conditionally presented fields
  • Section expansion and collapse
  • Pagination
  • Hide office use section based on user class

Forms or DuckDocs (OnBase) ?

Should a paper signature process be transformed using forms.uoregon.edu or the DuckDocs Enterprise Content Management System ? Think of the signature application as a ‘lite’ version of the DuckDocs forms and workflow products.

The signature application differs from DuckDocs in the following ways:

  1. No software user license required.
  2. No user interface training required.
  3. Quick deployment, no programming.
  4. No routing queue maintenance, the originator decides who signs.
  5. No Banner integration. DuckDocs will allow Banner lookups and updates.
  6. No version control. Only the final signed version of the form is stored.
  7. Signed documents are filed for proper retention in DuckDocs and are deleted after 2 years from forms.uoregon.edu