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Form Name
Send Email OpenAEI Faculty Sick Leave Usage
Send Email OpenAEI Vacation and Sick Leave Usage
Form Name
Send Email OpenAthletics Vacation and Sick Leave Usage
Form Name
Send Email OpenBiology Vacation and Sick Leave Usage
BRP Payroll
Form Name
Send Email OpenBRP Vacation and Sick Leave Usage
Accounts Receivable
Form Name
Send Email OpenLost Check Form
Form Name
Send Email OpenBanner Data Warehouse Access Form
Send Email OpenBusiness Application Access Request
Send Email OpenFIS/HRIS/AR User Profile
Send Email OpenUO ID Request for Non-Employees
Form Name
Send Email OpenUO Disbursement Request
Central Accounts Payable and Invoice Payments
Form Name
Send Email OpenAccounts Payable Activation Request
Send Email OpenForeign Bank Draft
Send Email OpenInvoice Voucher Form
Send Email OpenLost Check Statement
Send Email OpenMobile Technology Access and Payment Option Request (Departmentally Processed)
Send Email OpenOutgoing Wire Transfer
Send Email OpenPetty Cash Fund Maintenance/Cash Advance
Send Email OpenRequest Copy UO Cleared Check
Send Email OpenUO Check Request List
Send Email OpenUO Disbursement Request
Send Email OpenUO Suggested Petty Cash Reconciliation
Send Email OpenVendor Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization
Send Email OpenW-8 Form
Send Email OpenW-8 Forms (Cover Sheet)
Send Email OpenW-9 (UO Substitute Cover Sheet)
Send Email OpenW-9 (UO Substitute)
Document Imaging
Form Name
Send Email OpenImaging System User Profile
Send Email OpenSingularity Access Form
Form Name
Send Email OpenEcommerce Access Authorization Request
Send Email OpenPayment Card Acceptance Request
Send Email OpenQuikPay Access Request
Send Email OpenUO Third Party Credit Card Processing Request
Send Email OpenVirtual Merchant Access Form
Form Name
Send Email OpenDirect Deposit Authorization (attach void check)
Send Email OpenI-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
Send Email OpenLegal Name Change Form
Send Email OpenNotification of Preferred First Name
Send Email OpenRequest to Change Mailing Address
Send Email OpenRequest to U.S. Mail Payroll Checks
Send Email OpenSEF Student Employment Form
Send Email OpenUO-NRA Alien Info Request
Send Email OpenW-2 or 1042-S Duplicate Request
Send Email OpenW-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Send Email OpenW-4 International Version
Send Email OpenWork-Study Time Sheet Signature Authorization Form (Off-Campus Work-Study Only)
Financial Management
Form Name
Send Email OpenBuilding Reserve Fund Transfer Request
Send Email OpenChart of Accounts: Activity Request (In Development - DO NOT USE)
Send Email OpenChart of Accounts: Index Request (In Development - DO NOT USE)
Send Email OpenFinancial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy & Forms
Send Email OpenInter-Institutional Journal Voucher
Send Email OpenReport of Gift
Send Email OpenSource of Funds
Send Email OpenYear End Accounts Payable
Send Email OpenYear End Accounts Receivable
General Business Affairs Documents
Form Name
Send Email Open"Bill-To and Ship-To" Code Set Up Form
International Visitors
Form Name
Send Email OpenIncome Tax Treaties for Independent Contractors
Send Email OpenInternational Visitors Declaration Form
Send Email OpenIRS 8233 (Independent Contractor)
Send Email OpenIRS 8233 (Instructions)
Send Email OpenIRS W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
Send Email OpenW-8 Form
Form Name
Send Email OpenOver-payment Notification (DO NOT USE - Under Developement)
Property Control
Form Name
Send Email OpenAsset Maintenance Form
Send Email OpenBill of Sale for University Property
Send Email OpenDepartment Surplus Sale Plan
Send Email OpenIntent to Construct Capital Equipment
Send Email OpenProperty Check-Out Form
Send Email OpenProperty Disposition Request
Send Email OpenProperty Receipt Form
Send Email OpenTransfer of University Property
Send Email OpenUO Property Donation Form
Send Email OpenUO Surplus Property Sales
Send Email OpenUO Surplus Vehicle Sales
Student Services
Form Name
Send Email OpenResource Aid Requisition
Form Name
Send Email OpenAirfare Authorization Request - Redirects to Concur
Send Email OpenConcur Guest Intake
Send Email OpenConcur Processor Agreement
Send Email OpenDuckWeb Travel Reimbursement Form Instructions
Send Email OpenSupervisor's Vehicle Incident Report
Send Email OpenTravel Agency Assignment Request
Send Email OpenTravel Authorization/Reimbursement Summary
Send Email OpenTravel Reimbursement Checklist
Send Email OpenUO One Card Corporate Travel Credit Card Request
Send Email OpenUO Travel Corporate Credit Card Cancellation Request
Send Email OpenUO Vehicle Incident Report (formerly SVIR)
General Clark Honors College Forms
Form Name
Send Email OpenAffiliated Faculty Course Proposal - CAS Applicants
Send Email OpenAffiliated Faculty Course Proposal - non-CAS Applicants
Send Email OpenFaculty in Residence Application
Send Email OpenStep 1: CHC Thesis Prospectus
Send Email OpenStep 2: CHC Thesis Committee
Send Email OpenStep 3: CHC Thesis Defense Scheduling
Send Email OpenStep 4: CHC Thesis Distribution
Send Email OpenStep 5: CHC Thesis Post-Defense
Under Development for College of Education
Form Name
Send Email OpenCollege of Education Vacation and Sick Leave Usage (Under Development DO NOT USE)
Digital Communications Forms
Form Name
Send Email OpenDigital Communications Site Access Request
Student Life and Financial Services
Form Name
Send Email OpenInvoice Review
VPFA Payroll
Form Name
Send Email OpenVPFA Vacation and Sick Leave for OAs
Send Email OpenVPFA Vacation, Sick, and Overtime for Non-exempt OAs
Payroll for FASS
Form Name
Send Email OpenFASS Vacation and Sick Leave for OAs


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